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Studio Picture Day 1

Tuesday- June 11, 2019

*Below are the scheduled Class photo times, please sign up if you plan on having your dancer in their class photo.  After class photos are taken, we will be taking individual photos. If you can’t make your class photo time, but would still like an individual photo of your dancer, please speak to Miss Amanda about another time.  Schedule is subject to change if dancers do not sign up for their class photo. If you would like to do a sibling photo, just let us know! Sign up sheet is in the waiting room at the studio or you can email us.

2:50-  Sunshine of My Life (Mon & Wed 9:30 Creative Movement)

3:05-  What The World Needs Now (Tue  3:00 Ballet)

3:20-  Happy & Shake it Up (Tue 3:00 Tap & Jazz)

3:30-  Love Story & Born Ready (Tues 4:30  Ballet/ Jazz)

3:45-  I’m a Lady  (Mon. 3:45 Hip Hop & Tumble)

3:55-  The Boys Are Back  (Tuesday 3:45 Tap)

4:00-  How To Believe  (Sat 9:00 Ballet)

4:15-  Take The First Step (Sat 9:30 Ballet/Tap)

4:30-  Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (Sat 10:15 Ballet)

4:45- True Love Kiss (Sat 10:30 Ballet)
5:00-  Monsters Inc  (Sat 1:00 Tap)

5:10-  In Harmony  (Sat. 9 & 11 Creative Movement)

5:25-  In My Feelings  (Sat. 12:15 Hip Hop

5:35-  Don’t Go Breaking My Heart  (Sat 9:45 Jazz)

5:50-  When Will My Life Begin  ( Sat. 11:15 Ballet)

6:00-  We Are (Thur 4:30 Tap)

6:15-  Rainbow & The Bare Necessities (Thurs 4:45 Ballet & Tap)

6:30-  Let’s Get Tricky (Thurs 3:45 Acro)

6:40-  All In This Together  (Wed 4:30 Hip Hop)

6:50-  Why Should I Worry (Wed 6:00 Tap)

6:55-  Somewhere In My Memory (Friday 3:45 Ballet)

7:00-  Space Jam  (Tue 4:45 Hip Hop)

7:05-  Unstoppable  (Thurs 6:00 Acro)  

7:10-  Best Song Ever  (Mon 5:45 Acro)

7:15-  Different Beat  (Mon 6:30 Hip Hop)

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